Security Labels

China Security Labels supply security labels: Tamper Evident Labels, Ultra Destructible Labels.

Security Labels

Security Labels

Tamper Evident Labels

We can supply all kinds of Tamper Evident Labels, different color, different void message.

  • Partial Transfer of Low Residue Tamper Evident Labels
  • Partial Transfer of High Residue Tamper Evident Labels
  • Non-Transfer Tamper Evident Labels
  • Total-Transfer of Low Residue Tamper Evident Labels

Different Color of Tamper Evident Labels: Silver, Blue, Red, Yellow, White, Holographic etc.

VOID message: “VOID”, “VOID OPEN” and Checker Pattern. We can custom the “VOID” message, such as: “YOUR LOGO”.

Tamper Evident Labels Applications:

Tamper Evident Labels are ideal for security applications where preventing product tampering is the goal. Tamper Proof Labels make great security seals, warranty seals, property of labels and much more.

Custom Printed Tamper Evident Labels

Self-adhesive tamper-evident label seals can be customized to any requirements. Available pre-printed or blank. Custom printing, such as your company’s logo, bar code, variable field such as, serial number, or a message available.

Ultra Destructible Labels

Ultra Destructible Labels cannot be removed in one piece, breaking into tiny pieces when removal is attempted. Ultra Destructible Labels using a very weak and brittle substrate and aggressive adhesive to ensure that the label disintegrates into many components if any attempt is made to remove it.

Ultra Destructible Labels Applications:

Security Labels for pharmacy industry, electronic industry, Cell Phone, CD or VCD industry and inspection label, guarantee label, baggage seal, warranty label.

Please contact us for the security labels details, we will be happy to give you a quotation upon receipt of your detailed requirements.