High Residue Tamper Evident Labels

We are one of the most prominent manufacturers and suppliers of high residue tamper evident labels. We supply a wide range of tamper evident labels include High Residue Tamper Evident Labels, Low Residue Tamper Evident Labels and Non Residue Tamper Evident Labels.

High Residue Tamper Evident Labels

High Residue Tamper Evident Labels

High Residue Tamper Evident Label Materials Features:

Once being removed, the pre-designed pattern or message is still remaining on the substrate, but the other parts of adhesive will be transferred to applied surface with the effect of hollowness; obvious breakage reveals evidence. Reveals evidence as “VOID”, “VOIDOPEN”, Checkerboard Pattern or other customized information Company name and LOGO. Available Colors including Blue, Red & White.

Applications of High Residue Tamper Evident Labels

High residue tamper evident labels ideal for Electronic Equipment, Pharmaceutical products, ATM cash box Security container and safes, Access control & usage identification, Police property & evidence Sensitive documents & envelopes Postal & courier parcels, Retail sale labels, Asset labels, ID labels, Tracking labels, Airplane and Auto replacement parts and any security-related application.

Customized High Residue Tamper Evident Labels

We offer customized options for high residue tamper evident labels to meet your needs.

Custom spot colors or four-color process are available. Gloss or Matte Lamination, UV Varnish.

China Security Labels can produce tamper evident security labels in a multitude of shapes, sizes, and colors on roll or sheet. We can also consecutively number or barcode these labels for additional security and tracking purposes.