Tamper Proof Labels

China Security Labels offers tamper proof labels, which are used as the security of tamper resistant labels. These tamper proof labels are used for asset tagging and warranty seals.

Tamper Proof Labels

Tamper Proof Labels

Tamper proof labels are available in two materials:

Destructible Vinyl Labels: Once applied, this label cannot be removed in one piece. The destructible vinyl label has a tendency to stretch and rip rather than peel. The result is a ruined security label that comes to pieces if someone tries to remove it.

Void Polyesters Tamper Evident Labels: This durable polyester leaves behind the word “VOID”, “VOIDOPEN” or checkerboard if somebody removes it from its place. These are available in White, Blue, Red, Black and chrome silver.

Tamper evident labels manufactured from tough polyester this material is ideal for discouraging any form of tampering with assets or products. These void tamper proof labels are normally used for Warranty void purpose.

If the Tamper Proof Label is removed, it divides into separate layers. A pattern that was previously hidden appears on the surface and is irreversible. The glue leaves a residue on the surface that cannot be removed. Once the Tamper Proof Labels has been removed, it cannot be used again.

Tamper proof labels can be bar coded or sequentially numbered which makes them ideal for tracking products during manufacture or for asset identification within your organization.

Tamper proof labels are essential for protecting your product warranties like cell phones, computers, laptops, printers or any other equipment that may require identification.

Custom Tamper Proof Labels

Custom tamper proof labels reinforce your company identity and prevent counterfeiting.

Available in various sizes and shapes.

Void Tamper Proof labels can be over-laminated (Gloss/Matte Lamination) to provide complete print protection.

Tamper proof labels can be customised with your name or company logo with serial numbers or bar codes.